The newest official LEGO(R) Hub Fan weekend is…

Happy New year to everybody. We wish everybody a wonderful and LEGO(R) Filled 2017.

A quick update on the progress for Japan Brickfest 2017.

As of 24th of December 2016 “Japan Brickfest” is now the newest official LEGO(R) hub event fan weekend . One of only 3 in the world. Thank you to the CEE team at LEGO(R)  We won’t let you down!

The first  was Skaerbaek Fan Weekend held in Denmark in the third weekend of September.

Then there is Portugal Fan weekend “Parades de Coura” held the same weekend as Japan Brickfest.

And now we  are the newest member of the family,”Japan Brickfest , Kobe Fan Weekend”.

We also look forward to seeing how we can co-operate with the other two wonderful events.

As the event grows we are adding more activities for the public visitors aswell as presentations, workshops and activities for the AFOL (Adult fans of LEGO(R) ) who participate.

The first round of exhibitor registrations closed on December 31st but once we have processed the current registrations we will open the 2nd round in the middle of January. Keep checking as we have so many registrations we cannot guarantee space if you are too slow.

We will announce details of our Brick Film stop motion competition soon so please check the event page on the Japan Brickfest homepage also.