LEGO Ideas #011 21304 DOCTOR WHO set review 英語・日本語

Thanks to the kind people at Lego I have been lucky enough to get the chance to review the latest edition the the Lego Ideas series ” 21304 DOCTOR WHO” . Dr who was one of my favourite programmes as a child so to get a chance to review this set is quite exciting for me. Let’s start with a look at the box art. I really love the colour scheme and the and the whole look of the box art. I have always been a fan of the boxes that Lego Ideas sets come in.I would love it if all sets came in those as they are solid and can be closed.

レゴアイディアシリーズ【21304 ドクターフー】の新作エディションのレビューを書く機会を与えて頂いたレゴ社の親切な方々へ感謝致します。




I was expecting the instruction book to have more details about the DRWHO series, if you didn’t know what it was before you still really won’t have learnt anything about it.   At first glance due to the thickness of the book, I would have expected more background or history about the programme. It is still a lovely instruction manual though. It does atleast tell you who the minifigures represent.



Here are the Minifigures.  They are wonderfully printed. You can see both face expressions and the back side of the figures bellow:


whofigs copy[Now for the Daleks, this set contains two dark tan Daleks.I like the design. They are well built and not as fragile as I had expected.



tardis The Tardis. It looks awesome with printed parts. No horrible stickers in this set.It can be displayed seperately or as part of the diorama bellow. One thing that bothered me was you can’t open the tardis without taking off the roof and folding up the police box signs.Also if the 2 x 2 dark blue plates with one stud that held the roof on were on the other side aswell they could hold the roof when it is opened out. As it is now, the roof falls down as nothing is supporting it while the tardis is opened out. Easily enough to rectify if you have dark blue 2 x 2 plates with one stud.


tardisinside   drwhoset Overall I think this set is an awesome set and I really would recommend it mainly to BBC DOCTOR WHO fans.I  think a lot of people will not know the show this set is about in Japan so it’s target market may be limited.That  said if you like cool Minifigures and robots I think it is a fun set with great playability.

This set will be officially released for sale  December 1st 2015.